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I wrote this song in early 2021 and it never let me go one day foe two months, day and night. Writing and re-writing. Chording and recording until i felt it was right. All Muisc performance, Lead and Background vocals. LV Washington! Producer and Artist


Meet Me at the Kappa Pond
La’Verne Washington Lyrics, Music, performance c2021
Oh oh a yeah. (BG. Meet Me. Meet me.)
Verse 1:
It was Homecoming ’96, I was loving the vibe and the mIx of my
HBCU, Langston University.
I was hanging out with old friends we’re on the Yard again.
a when a Face so familiar caught my eye.
I knew that walk, that Smile, that swag so well.
I’d recognize him from a mile away.
He’s Still fine. My forever love
Seeing him again I had mixed emotions
Ooh back then, It didn’t end so well.
I can’t forget, He tried to play me, With another girl.

All of a sudden we were standing Face to Face.
Nobody mattered but the two of us.
He took my hands and looked into my eyes like he used to
Do.. I said I-miss you girl, then he said.

Meet Me. Meet me at the Kappa Pond.
it’s been too many years since we’ve seen
each other. Let’s get this reunion on.
We can reminisce, all the time we’ve missed.
Just meet me at the Kappa Pond.

At the Kappa pond.

2) The Homecoming crowd was getting bigger,
People talking- laughing every where yeah
Ohhh We were ready for a win. Our football team was no. 1
Then. Then I hugged him back and whispered in his ear
it’s good to see you baby.
Just like me he’d made other plans with old friends.
He kissed my cheek and held me tight said he’d never let me get
Away. He said I’m sorry I hurt you.Meet me i’ll be good to you.

Meet Me. Meet me at the Kappa Pond.
I can’t wait to see you to hold you when you get there baby
Let’s get this reunion on. I remember your favorite music baby.
Let’s play a little Chaka Kahn.
We’ve got so many things to catch up on Yeah.
Meet me at the Kappa pond.

Meet me.
It’s so good to see you. So good to see you
And you know i’m gonna be there!
(Sax solo).

I know you remember the place
Meet me there no time to waste.
So many things I want to say and do.
There so much time we’ve missed,
Come let’s reminisce.
At 6:30 Baby. You know i’ll be there.
I missed you too. I’m gonna meet you.

Meet me at the Kappa pond.