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Throughout the tumultuous 60’s music was changing, times were changing as the “peace movement” of the 60’s turned into the Disco and funk era of the 70’s. As a teen, La'Verne was there to witness it all. She is an independent vocalist, songwriter and keyboardist offering over 30 years as a professional in the music industry. Born in Kansas City, Mo, she grew up in a city known for it’s great Jazz and Blues music, it’s History and delicious BBQ.  It was the place where Charlie Parker, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, and numerous others, recorded and made historic musical events come to life. As a student in H.S., LV also attended the Charlie Parker Academy, where she studied and at 17 was personally introduced to some of the great legends of Blues & Jazz.  Later she attended Langston University where she studied Vocal music and Journalism, her musical career blossomed there.  In 1978 La’Verne was crowned Miss Langston University and graced the cover of Ebony Magazine, proudly representing LU,as part of Ebony’s’ “college queen edition”.

 “LV” is capable of creating a memorable musical experience for audiences large and small. She has performed at venues in Washington, DC, Philadelphia and throughout the Midwest and south.  She has also worked with a whole spectrum of musical acts and presently consults with artists including Bonnie Raitt, Jerry Butler, Kim Weston, Kathy Sledge (of SisterSledge), Smokey Robinson, G.C Cameron (formerly of the Spinners) and Dee Dee Sharp.    

La'Verne was inducted into the National Black College Hall of Fame in 2020!


ABout the Scholarship

Welcome to my page and Thank YOU to all who have supported my projects and fundraisers to provide scholarships to students at my HBCU, Langston University. I have spent the Pandemic in the studio writing and perfecting music for this heartfelt project.  I'm hoping we can boost the "Butch Benjamin Scholarship Fund" which I established at Langston in 2015, back up to it's original endowment of $5,000, for Langston Students who now attend classes on campus. Butch is an Icon at Langston University, known and Loved by many generations of  Langston Alumni. My contribution will be 50% of the music sales from the songs "L"s Up, Congratulations L.U". and "Meet me at the Kappa Pond." So we've got to really get the word out to make this fund grow! At $2.99 per song it won't be easy. Any extra donations towards the Scholarship fund will be appreciated and acknowledged publicly.  

My thanks for your music purchase, "Butch Benjamin Fund": 
Rendi & Kenny Thomas 
Regina Shaw Small 
Sonya Cherry 
Stephanie Carter Naar 
Ronald & Carol Drink 
Darhlene Banks 
Alvin Swiley 
Lelietta Marie Vaughn Hamlin 
Anitra Dugar 
Cynthia Jackson 
Phyllis Chapman-Williams 
Dewitt Lewis 
Rebecca Townsell 
Kim Yarborough Jackson 

Myrrh Cauthen Pamela Jafari

ALVIN NASH SCHOLARSHIP for Business, Broadcasting and Politics 

I am overjoyed about establishing a 2nd Scholarship for students planning to attend Langston, who live in the Kansas City Area studying in Broadcasting, Business and Politics in memory of my brother, the late Alvin Nash. He was a prolific businessman and entrepreneur in business for over 45 years in Kansas City, MO and in New Orleans, LA..He worked as the Campaign Manager and Personal Executive Assistant for  both Mayor's Richard Berkely and Kaye Barnes, and other politicians ithroughout his career.  He was a shrewd businessman who also worked hard to Champion and help the black community. His radio show "Feedback Live" aired for over 20 years on KPRT-AM and is still going strong today!. The "Al Nash Scholarship fund", will be established in 2021.  I plan to partner with select members of the Greater KC Alumnni Assn. to identify potential students. 

My Thanks for your major Contribution: 

Jeanette Paige, Alvin Nash Fund 
Vincent and Alan Nash 
Sonya Cherry 
Joni Nash 
Armeta Ross 
Gerri Akers 
Thomas James Nash